Deep-hole drilling centers

Standard Equipment

+ 3D path control Heidenhain iTNC/TNC
+ Deep drilling and machining cycles
+ Multiple workpiece supports
+ Chip conveyor
+ High pressure-coolant system with fine filtration
+ Machine casing with integrated oil feedback (apart from TB series)


TB Standard Series

Stable, easy-to-operate CNC deep drilling machine with cross table design

The TB Standard Series captivates through a very stable welded construction, combined with high precision and stability for deep drilling – easy to operate and yet powerful. The upcoming machining tasks such as cool, oil or air drilling are effectively and economically carried out. The well thought-out machine design allows deep hole drilling, lowering, reaming and milling on one setting. Equipped with state-of-the-art Heidenhain TNC 620 control as well as chip conveyor and highly efficient cooling system. Ideal for use in small and medium-sized components.

TB 1050

TBF Compact Series

Stable, precise and efficient CNC deep drilling and milling centre with cross table design

The TBF Compact Series is the further development and so far the optimal cross table design. Equipped with a productive deep drilling and milling cutter as well as the highly precise rotary table, this series allows a four-sided complete machining of complex components. The optional use of the A axis allows machining under two swung-in position angles. If desired, a single-lip deep hole drill with a 25 a time tool changer can be used. Ideal for use in small and medium-sized complex components.

TBF 1050 / 1400

TBFZ-G Gantry Series

Universal, high-performance and innovative CNC deep drilling and milling centre with gantry design

The highlight of BUCKUHLY machine design, developed from a mould maker and completed to become a high-performance product. The gantry form of Durcrete workmanship stands for the highest rigidity, constant high precision and thermal stability with a small footprint. This leading design allows a foundation-free machine set-up. Equipped with the most modern Heidenhain control and driving technology, the Gantry Series allows a highly effective and economic 4-sided deep drilling and milling. Equipped with automation technology, auxiliary process time savings of more than 60% are possible and a reduction in production time of more than 30% is also possible. Ideal for use of medium-sized and large, as well as complex components. Because of its practice-oriented development, this series is ideal for use in tool and mold construction.

TBFZ-G 1200 / TBFZ-G 2000 / TBFZ-G 3000

Our offer doen't cover what you are looking for?

Usually we can meet your requirements with only a few minor adjustments to our standard machinery. However, we also offer custom-made machines based on our preset components.