TBFZ-G 3000


The largest gantry machine of horizontal design has a swing circle of 3500mm and a machine weight of 75 tonnes and is fully functional for very large workpieces after just a few days of installation and start-up. With a footprint of 70m2 areas measuring 3.000 x 2.300 x 1.500mm (L/W/H), workpieces with a table load of 30.000kg can be easily worked. Thanks to sturdiness, precision and stability, even large workpieces can be produced with the highest precision. Eccentrically mounted workpieces can be positioned on the extremely stable rotary table. No foundations, no floor anchoring, no mechanical burden for the foundations and the building.

+ Unique machine design
+ Excellent stability and constant high precision
+ No foundation necessary 
+ Smaller space requirement
+ 4-sided complete machining (deep drilling and milling)
+ Up to 6 axes with automatic zero offsetting
+ Extremely efficient and universal