...especially when it comes to producing workpieces. Due to our carefully planned style of construction, which originates from daily practical usage, we managed to create the smallest deep hole drilling machine with the largest capacity for processable workpieces. Not only in their size but also in their weight.   

No Foundations

BUCKUHLY machines can be independently set up. They do not need to be prepared months in advance in order to fit into the existing infrastructure. After delivery, these machines are ready to use within seven working says and can be fully integrated into production. The machine distinguishes itself by its gantry body, through which no force or vibration travels to the surrounding areas. All of the components necessary for machine operation are integrated into the gantry design. Our machines are not supported with foundations, they are the foundations.

+ No new hall statics
+ No external services
+ No cutting off of the hall foundations
+ No excavations
+ No core drillings
+ Ground level machine construction

Small space requirements

BUCKUHLY machine concepts distinguish themselves through their optimal use of space. Compared with the conventional cross table and travelling pillar constructions or a combination of both, a doubling of the amount of space used occurs. In other words, our machines require ca. 50% less space. Sample measurements of a
machine: The needed area with a gantry body is 4,9m x 5,4m (26,46m2) while in cross table configuration it is 7,7m x 7,0m (53,9m2). Which is a difference of 103% or a room saving percentage of 49% (light grey = gantry construction / dark grey = cross table construction).

B-Axis / CNC 360° rotary table

The BUCKUHLY rotary table distinguishes itself through an extreme and uniquely high level stiffness. The workpiece forms a unit with the table and the machine bed, matching exactly with regards to flatness. Due to our aerostatic operating principle, the rotary tables can position workpieces that weigh up to 30.000kg precisely and continuously without frictional resistance. No rolling or inclining movements even with unfavourable centres of gravity, asymmetric table loading or processing on a maximum height from the table location.

Simply put, the processing and handling know no limits in the tension or manufacturing strategy.

Maximal degree of automation

The BUCKUHLY machine design combines stability, functionality, precision and operation perfectly. This combination allows deep hole drilling and milling at the highest level. Horizontal processing (shavings are cleared out by gravity), no shaving build-up/congestion and tool breakage, no vibrations due to jamming of shaving accumulation.

This part is included in the middle of the machine body and the gantry formation carries out the processing strategies. No unnecessary dynamic from the movement of the part needs to be compensated for. The four-sided processing combined with the horizontal position of the gantry construction allows the production of deeply drilled holes and milling on a jig boring machine level.