TBFZ-G 7000

Available in 2019

The unique gantry machine design knows no limits! Motivated by the constantly growing market and customer requirements, BUCKUHLY is now in the position to implement necessary machine designs in practice both quickly and with the highest level of expertise. 

The BUCKUHLY TBFZ-G 7000 has a table capacity of 7.000 x 3.000 x 2.000mm (L/W/H). This machining table can accommodate workpieces weighing up to 70.000kg and is designed for machining of large workpieces. This machine has two fully fledged CNC 360° rotary tables integrating pendulum machining with a capacity of 30.000kg for each table. With this additional machine design, our gantry series achieves once again maximal performance and flexibility.

+ Due to the pendulum machining, set-up times are non-existent
+ The total capacity rises to 70.000kg 
+ Fully integrated plate area 7.000 x 3.000mm (L/W)
+ Two CNC rotary tables with optimal precision and rigidity