Competence in Deep Hole Drilling

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In 2003 Markus Buck stopped producing BUCK deep drilling milling machines himself. He looked for a suitable business to become a qualified partner with that demonstrated areas of service, spare part production, retrofitting and transfer of machines. The foundation stone for a collaboration with Markus Uhly had been laid. In 2006, the first overhaul took place, a retrofit of a BUCK deep drilling machine at the Uhly establishment. In the following years, the demand for new BUCK deep drilling machines grew, and the idea of manufacturing them enthused Markus Uhly. The BUCKUHLY idea was born.

The outdated concept from 2000 was completely reworked, newly devised and reconstructed by the UHLY team. With the aim of short transport links and manufacturing independence, we wanted to guarantee flawless productions quality delivered on time. The decision made in 2012 meant that already in the following year four new machines in two different series were delivered.

Today three series in eleven designs as well as numerous application possibilities are produced. The frames are made using a hybrid design.

The result: extreme rigidity and long term precisions. Therefore, no machine requires foundations. Quick assembly, a small footprint and efficient access to the workpieces despite the very heavy weight of the workpieces are the key words that drive the team around Markus Uhly day to day.

The machine control was redesigned, too. Now BUCKUHLY machines possess programming that has been specially adapted by UHLY. The control has been adjusted exactly to the processing technology. As a result, the user has numerous information displays and text description in several help menus at their disposal, combined with special machining cycles. The programming of the CAD/CAM interface is also supported in-house. Through the adjustment of CAD/CAM systems your very own application specialists are on hand to implement machine kinematics and the best machining strategy.

Development, start-up, training, maintenance and telephone support are carried out by UHLY staff. They are also happy to answer any questions about the application technology.