TBFZ-G 1200


The BUCKUHLY TBFZ-G 1200 machine has been designed for a
machining strategy for complex workpieces with high demands
of stability and precision. With a variety of machining options,
the machine achieves very high automation and performance.
With a footprint of approx. 24m2, a machine weight of approx.
34 tonnes, areas measuring 1.000 x 1.000 x 9.000mm (L/W/H)
with a weight of 10.000kg can be worked.

+ Unique machine design
+ Excellent stability and constant high precision
+ No foundation necessary 
+ Smaller space requirement
+ 4-sided complete machining (deep drilling and milling)
+ Up to 6 axes with automatic zero offsetting
+ Extremely efficient and universal


Machine type TBFZ-G 1200
Drill diameter 3-32 mm with single-lip drilling / BTA
Drill depth in one move (mm) 1.000 with additional drill 1.500
Tapping up to M24 – larger when milling
Tool changer 25 / 40 / 60 times
Shaft absorption SK 40/50 altv. HSK 63/100
Driving power 10 kW / duty circle 100
Measuring range X (horizontal) 1.200 mm
Measuring range Y (vertical) 1.000 mm
Table load up to 10.000kg
Table size 1.100 x 1.200 mm
CNC rotary table  CNC axis 0-360°