TBF 1050 / 1400


The TBF Compact Series is the further development and so far the optimal cross table design. Equipped with a productive deep drilling and milling cutter as well as the highly precise rotary table, this series allows a four-sided complete machining of complex components. The optional use of the A axis allows machining under two swung-in position angles. If desired, a single-lip deep hole drill with a 25 a time tool changer can be used. Ideal for use in small and medium-sized complex components.

+ Universal compact construction
+ Precise and efficient
+ 4-sided complete machining (deep drilling and milling)
+ Up to 6 axes with automatic zero offsetting


Machine type TBF 1050 / 14000
Drill diameter 3-32 mm with single-lip drilling/BTA
Drill depth in on move (mm) 1.000 with additional drill 1.400
Trapping Up to M20 – larger when milling
Tool changer 25 times
Shaft absorption SK 40 or HSK 63
Driving power 7,5 kW / duty circle 100
Measuring range X (horizontal) 1.050 mm / 1.400 mm
Measuring range Y (vertical) 800 mm
Table load bis 5.000 kg
Table size 940 x 1.040 mm
CNC rotary table CNC axis 0-360°